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The one-piece railcars have 315-kilowatt engines and a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75 mph). The train has 52 2nd class seats, eight 1st class 1 seats and 13 tip-up seats. Up to three cars can run together in multiple unit form.

The trains are predominantly used on non-electrified light railways in North Rhine-Westphalia amongst other regions.



This package contains:

  • Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) BR 640
    • Compatible with the RT Lint41
    • Realistic sound effects (recorded from the real DMU). Optimized for EFX / Openall.
    • Realistic cabin wheel/bogie sounds (stereo loops inside the cab).
    • Hybride traction simulation.
    • Authentic cab.
    • Automatic wheelslip protection,
    • Sifa Safety system (Zeit-Zeit-Sifa).
    • PZB System 2.0. (Modus U ,M ,O )
    • PZB Lim
    • Tempomat /cruise control.
    • Contact key,
    • Handbrake control,
    • Fern light,
    • Doorlock system,
    • Manual door closing systems
    • Horn.
    • Dynamic lights in the cab.
    • Dynamic brakes controlable inside combined modus.
    • Instrumental lights.
    • Haltebremse simulation.
    • Traction lock simulation.
    • Autonumbering(only for destination signs and quick setup for ai traffic).
    • Photo textured details.
    • Skin friendly body textures.
    • TS2012 features (raindrops on the windows and visible frontlights).
    • Destination signs with various German,Dutch,Danish cities.
    • Destination signs are ingame switchable or quick autonumbering setup.
    • New German traindriver sitting only in the working cab(include yard/parked setup or ai setup).
    • Quick drive compatible.
    • Interval,speed1 and speed 2 wiper control
    • Light glow on close and front lights.

TS2015 optimized.