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Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 Reloaded

Quick Overview

The add-on "Koeblitzer Mountain Route" is a continued development of the freeware route Altenburg-Wildau by the Dutch developer Siegfried Derks, aka SAD. Geographically it is situated somewhere in the region of Trier, Germany. It has taken the developer two years to build this imaginary route which gives the impression to be a real-life scenery in the middle of Germany.

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Five years ago the "Koeblitzer Mountain Route" was designed on the base of the freeware add-on Altenburg-Wildau. The latest version 3 - reloaded especially includes the customers wishes that have been known from the long user experiences.

That`s new!

The whole track now has a new catenary system. The main stations of Altenburg, Koeblitz and Bad Rinckenburg were equipped with Zp 9 (starting signal) and driving indicator. Some tracks are now equipped with the speed testing system. All stations were modernized, the signalling was completely overhauled, secondary track speed was adjusted.

Bad Rinckenburg shunting yard
The shunting yard of Bad Rinckenburg is modernized. There are 8 sidings with a maximum length of 400 m. We removed the tunnel from Bad Rinckenburg main station to enlarge the radius of the track. The entry track goes now around the hill. We also changed the signalisation of the shunting yard to give you a wider range of possibilities for creating scenarios.

Bad Rinckenburg main station
The track layout was changed in connection with the new shunting yard and the changed entrance in the South. Coming from Luxembourg the tracks 5 - 7 now can be reached; coming from the shunting yard all tracks of the station can be reached. Due to the connection of the ICE track also the other tracks in the North were changed, now the tracks 4 - 7 can be travelled with a max. speed of 120 km/h.

Altenburg North
We enlarged the route to the North with about 3 additional kilometers of tracks. Next to the passing tracks there are five tracks with maximum length of 350 m. At the north side there is a turnout track of 500 m, on the south side four electrified and one non-electrified sidings for the new diesel filling station.

Koeblitz main station
The station was completely modernized. The tracks in the South in direction to Wildau / Bad Rinckenburg are completly new so you can drive to platform 2 to 7 coming from Wildau / Bad Rinckenburg. 
Platform 7 can be used for scenarios und has a track speed of 30 km/h like in reality. In the south-east there are six sidings.

Koeblitz power station
The entry into the power station is now possible from Köblitz main station via platforms 1 - 4. We removed the limitation to freight traffic to give you more freedom for creating scenarios. The manual switches were replaced with automatic ones. The signalling is via group exit signal with Sh signals.

Altenburg main station
This station has been completely modernized too, you will recognize it by the elevators and escalators. The track layout to the North was changed. There is a new siding available which can be used as a rebound for passenger trains. The track can be used coming from tracks 2 and 3.


ICE track
It now features new tunnels, LZB, new tracks and a new catenary system. The track starts at Altenburg main station on platforms 6 and 7. Shortly before Altenburg Bach the tracks are being deverted from the main track and you drive over valleys and through a tunnel, the first one of many on this 20 km long track. It ends at the old bridge. The ICE track has superelevation and the maximum speed is 200 km/h. Due to the tight space the ramp does not reach the necessary height for the catenary so signals El 3 and El 4 were needed here.

Rudolf Bach
The radiuses of the points are enlarged (190 m). Exit signals and Ne 5 stopping board in direction to Koeblitz were changed right before the pedestrian crossing. Further the incorrect switches were fixed.

The track harp was changed and all switches are now automatic switches. Next to the shed there is a coal depot and a water crane for steam locos.
New working entry and intermediate signals. In direction to Wildau level crossings are renewed with more realistic speed limits of 10 km/h without the need for a full stop of the train.

The wrong track speeds are corrected. Speed limit on platform 4 is removed and it can be travelled now with 80 km/h in route direction. Also platform 3 can be travelled now with 60 km/h and the track harp was neutralised.

Close to Koebler Wald the little village Rochustal is now connected to the route and got its own little station.

The final station of the heritage railway. Next to the station this idyllic place also got a loco shed.

Hectometer signs (milepost signs)
The hectometer (milepost) signs were completely renewed. The new signs are better readable even when driving with higher speeds. They were kindly provided by Holzlaender. The placement of the signs was adapted to the directive RiLi 883 by Deutsche Bahn.

Catenary system
The whole track got a new catenary system. A part of it was kindly provided by virtualTracks.

Optical improvements
Of course there are also optical improvements. There are new telephone lines to Hosvenn, overground lighting wires with wooden poles and old prussian lanterns and some other improvements along the museum track.





Important comment for users of the old version: 
The new version ‘Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3 reloaded’ will appear as a complete new route in Train Simulator 2017.
The old version ‘Koeblitzer Mountain Route 3’ will be still avavilable and useable.
The developers choose this solution to make sure you can still drive the scenarios of the old version.



This addon require Train Simulator 2017 (with European Community Assets and Loco Pack)

Please note: Train Simulator 2017 is required in order to play this Route. 

Train Simulator 2017 requirements
OS:   Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor:   Processor: 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon MP
Memory:   6 GB RAM
Graphics:   1024 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX:   9.0c
Hard drive space:    6 GB HD Space
Download size:   930 MB
Internet connection:   Enough bandwidth