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DB IC2 Fernverkehr

DB IC2 Fernverkehr


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DB Regio - Twindexx vario

DB IC2 Fernverkehr

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The new intercity ic2 train travel between large cities in germany.



This package contains:


  • l Mixed sound effects . Optimized for EFX / Openall.
  • l Realistic cabin wheel/bogie sounds.
  • l Stereo sound effects in cabin
  • l BR146-5 included as AI / not drive able model
  • l Realistic traction simulation(146-5).
  • l Authentic cab.
  • l Fern light
  • l Traction limiter/Wheel-slip protection.
  • l Ebicab 500
  • l LZB
  • l PZB 90
  • l Sifa
  • l Circuit breaker / Hauptshalter
  • l Hand brake simulation.
  • l Custom throttle and brake Simulation
  • l Custom dynamic brake simulation
  • l Dynamic lights in the cab.
  • l Traction lock simulation.
  • l Wiper system 5 interval modes 2 direct modes
  • l Circuit breaker
  • l Extended collection destinations
  • l Autonumbering(only for destination signs and quick setup for ai traffic).
  • l Photo textured details.
  • l Skin friendly body textures.
  • l TS2012 features (raindrops on the windows and visible frontlights).
  • l Destination signs with various German citiy parts.
  • l Destination signs are ingame switchable or quick autonumbering setup.
  • l New German traindriver sitting only in the working cab(include yard/parked setup or ai setup).
  • l Quick drive compatible.
  • l TS2019 optimized.


There are no scenarios included:


Before start read the manual for the important details. The IC2 require some extra knowledge.


This addon require EFX Sound setting on, Whitout this setting sound volumes dont function correctly.

Please note: Train Simulator 2019 is required in order to play this Add-On. The following systemrequirements are of Train Simulator 2019, and so for this Add-On.

Train Simulator 2019 requirements
OS:   Windows® XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Processor:   Processor: 2.8 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon MP
Memory:   2 GB RAM
Graphics:   512 MB with Pixel Shader 3.0
DirectX:   9.0c
Requirements IC2 Add-On
Hard drive space:   350 MB HD Space
Download size:   76 MB
Internet connection:   Enough bandwidth

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