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Welcome by the RailTraction online BR 628-4 Readme

Welcome by the RailTraction online Readme of the add-on BR 628-4.

In order to give you the latest and thus actuallest information, we use this online Readme.




The Class 628 is a (semi) diesel multiple unit consisted of two carriages, one motorcar (BR 628) and one control car without powersupply (BR 928), developed in the early 1970s. Originally, the BR 628 were ordered to replace the older "Railbuses" Class 795, 798 and 515.

After 20 years, the Class 628-4 was developed as big brother of the first Class 628 and numbered as 628 401 till 628 450. In the period between 1992 and 1996, 309 railcars were build. The multiple units can be find in whole Germany on mainlines and branche lines. Due to the high number of vehicles, the BR628-4 forms the backbone of German passengertrains on non-electrified routes.
In this modern days, the BR628-4 is not powerfull enough for hilly routes. So the multiple units are now often replaced by newer diesel multiple units with two powered carriages, for example the BR 643 and 644 (Talent) and the BR 648 (LINT).

Today, the multiple units can be still found on several german railway lines such as around Cologne. Some multiple units are operating for railway companies in Luxembourg and Romania.

The Class 628-4 can be operated in a maximum of four pairs and has a maximum speed of 120 kilometre per hour. The weight of a carriage is around 42 tons.

Rolling Stock

This add-on contains the German diesel multiple unit (DMU) Baureihe 628.

BR 628

The key features of this advanced locomotive are listed below:
- Authentic cab with the most functions like reality.
- Authentic sounds.
- PZB.

General information

This locomotive uses several keys which are not standard. Below is listed which keys you can use to drive the engine.


Function Keyboard
Increase / Decrease Throttle A / D
Increase / Decrease Reverser W / S
Increase / Decrease Train Brake " / ;
Increase / Decrease Locomotive Brake [ / ]
Increase / Decrease Dynamic Brake . / ,
Emergency Brake Backspace
Horn: high / low tone B / N
Sander X
Headlights On / Off H / Shift + H
Cabinlights L
Instrument lights Shift L
Wipers Toggle V
PZB toggle Shift + Control + Home
PZB Wachsam Page Down
PZB Frei End
PZB Befehl Delete
SIFA toggle Shift + NumPad Enter
Confirm SIFA Spacebar
Change destination display manually Shift + / Shift - (please note: - and + on NUMPAD)

For optimal sound, please turn EFX on in the soundsettings.

Overview of the left side of the cab.

Overview of the right side of the cab.

SIFA release button.

Sun screens.

Destination signs.

List with trainnumbers and corresponding destinations.


The add-on BR 628 contains four Scenarios:

Scenario   Route   Requirements
BR628 - Night train to Augsburg   Munich - Augsburg   Train Simulator 2012 to 2013 + Add-On Route Munich to Augsburg / Train Simulator 2013
BR928 - Snow delay Munchen to Augsburg   Munich - Augsburg   Train Simulator 2012 to 2013 + Add-On Route Munich to Augsburg / Train Simulator 2013
BR628 - Tourist train - Seebergbahn   Seebergbahn   Train Simulator 2012 to 2013 (not available as Add-On)
BR628 - Free Roam Hagen-Siegen   Ruhr-Sieg Line   Train Simulator 2012 to 2013 / Train Simulator 2013 + Add-On Ruhr-Sieg Line

Please note: The Scenarios are seperately available in the BR 628-4 package.


Installing the product is very simple. Please follow the next procedures:

1. Download the product from your account in the RailTraction store under "My downloads".
2. Unzip or unrar the file you just downloaded and copy the .rwp-file to a place where you can find it easaly, i.e. your desktop.
3. Open your Train Simulator 2013 root folder and start the programm called "Utilities".
4. Open the tab "Package Manager" and click on the button "Install" on the right side.
5. Search your .rwp-file, in the previous example you can get it from your desktop and press open.
6. Your add-on will be installed automaticaly. When the window with the green progress bar has dissapeared without any error messages, your add-on is succesfull installed.

You are now able to use your add-on in Train Simulator 2013.

Dev: ingame

BR 628 in your own scenario

Please follow the next instructions.

1. Start Train Simulator 2013.
2. Create a new scenario (standard or free roam) or start an existing scenario.
3. Once in game, turn on the World Editor mode when not already enabled by pressing CTRL+E.
4. Open the left tabs in your window.
5. In the top left tab, click on the train button named "Scenario Tools".
6. One tab below, press the blue/yellow cube named "Object Set Filter". On the right side, a new tab appear.
7. Open this tab and search for the developer, in this case Railtraction.
8. Check on the name of the add-on (if not already checked), BR628.

Now you will find the locomotive in the tab trains named BR628-4.

Dynamic numbering

You can set your own locomotive number in the World Editor. Please double click on the engine on the track. Open the tab on the right side of the screen and you will see some numbers.
Below you find a list with destinations and corresponding numbers. Please note: a visible German traindriver is added automatically too.

Trainnumber Destination
1000 Nicht einsteigen
1001 Luebeck Hbf
1002 Trier Hbf
1003 Gerolstein
1004 Kleve
1005 Mühldorf (Oberbay)
1006 Hannover Hbf
1007 Mainz Hbf
1008 Kirchenlaibach
1009 Wuppertal Hbf
1010 Köln Messe/Deutz
1011 Düsseldorf Hbf
1012 Lübeck Hbf
1013 München Hbf
1014 Solingen Hbf
1015 Bremen Hbf
1016 Flensburg
1017 Neuss Hbf
1018 Augsburg Hbf
1019 Hagen Hbf
1020 Siegen Hbf
1021 Kempten (Allgau) Hbf
1022 Lindau Hbf
1023 Ulm Hbf
1024 Luxembourg
1025 Altomünster
1026 Bocholt
1027 Fulda
1028 Duisburg Entenfang
1029 Duisburg Hbf
1030 Rosenheim
1031 Crailsheim
1032 Berlin-Gesundbr
1033 Oberhausen Hbf
1034 Kiel Hbf
1035 Frankfurt (M) Hbf
1036 Simbach (inn)
1037 Landshut (Bay) Hbf
1038 Bayreuth Hbf
1039 Karlsruhe Hbf
1040 Sonderzug
1041 FREE01
1042 FREE02
1043 FREE03
1044 FREE04
1045 FREE05

Dev: reskin

Its possible to make reskins of the add-on BR 628.


Version 1.2
Camera position changed backwards.
More small tweaks.

Version 1.1
Destination signs changed to numpad Shift + / Shift -.
Cabinlights already inside the old release but missing from manual. Shorcut key L.
Brake system added by LUA script. Moving till 3.5 bar down on normal use. Inside stages from -+ 4.7/4.4/4.2/4.0/3.8/3.5/ emergency brake.
Buttons fixed, startup and some increased switching speed.

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