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Welcome by the RailTraction online Facns Readme

Welcome by the RailTraction online Readme of the add-on Facns.

In order to give you the latest and thus actuallest information, we use this online Readme.





From 1994 to 1996, the LHB delivered a total of 600 of these modern freightwagons in the first production run. The second run started in 1996 and consisted 400 cars that were delivered from the builder in the "traffic red" paint scheme. The load surface has a volume of 55 cubic meters  and the maximum load is 68  tons. The maximum speed for the cars is 120 km/h.

Rolling Stock

This add-on contains the European freightwagon Facns 133.

Facns 133

Included are 13 different skins.


The key features of this freightwagon are listed below:
- Realistic recreation of the Facns-133 in 12 colorschemes and DB brands - which are listed below.
- Closing signals.
- Loadable and animated gravel freight.
- There are two Free Roam scenarios included.


Facns 133 DB

Facns 133 DB Cargo

Facns 133 DB Cargo01

Facns 133 DB Cargo02

Facns 133 DB Cargo03

Facns 133 DB Cargo04

Facns 133 DB01

Facns 133 DB02

Facns 133 Railion

Facns 133 Railion01

Facns 133 Railion02

Facns 133 Railion04

Facns 133 Railion04

Facns 133 Empty

Facns 133 Loaded

Facns 133 Details


The add-on Facns contains one Free Roam Scenario for the Ruhr Sieg Line and is named "Facns133 Free drive".
The Second Free Roam Scenario is available on the route Munich to Augsburg route and is named "facns133".

Please note: You will need respectivelly the upgraded version of Train Simulator 2012 or the add-on Ruhr Sieg Line from Steam and Train Simulator 2013 Deluxe or the Munich to Augsburg route in order to play both scenarios.


Installing the product is very simple. Please follow the next procedures:

1. Download the product from your account in the RailTraction store under "My downloads".
2. Unzip or unrar the file you just downloaded and copy the .rwp-file to a place where you can find it easily, i.e. your desktop.
3. Open your Train Simulator 2013 root folder and start the programm called "Utilities".
4. Open the tab "Package Manager" and click on the button "Install" on the right side.
5. Search your .rwp-file, in the previous example you can get it from your desktop and press open.
6. Your add-on will be installed automaticaly. When the progress bar has finished and disapeared, your add-on is succesfull installed.

You are now able to use your add-on in Train Simulator 2013.

Dev: ingame

This tab informs you about the procedure to place the Facns in your own scenario. Please follow the next instructions.

1. Start Train Simulator 2012.
2. Create a new scenario (standard or free roam) or start an existing scenario.
3. Once in game, turn on the World Editor mode when not already enabled.
4. Open the left tabs in your window.
5. In the top left tab, click on the engine (trains).
6. One tab below, press the blue/yellow cube. On the right side, a new tab appear.
7. Open this tab and search for the developer, in this case Fopixtrains.
8. Check on the name of the add-on, wagons.
Please note: if you already have installed a wagon or carriages of the developer fopixtrains, the box may be already ticked.

Now you will find the freightwagons in the tab trains named "Facns 133".

Dev: reskin

You are able (and allowed) to make reskins of the Facns.

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